To be eligible, the organisation must meet all the following criteria:

  • Resides in Australia
  • Has a location in Western Sydney
  • Has been operating for more than two years at the time of entry
  • Is more than 60% Australian-owned
  • Has a valid ABN or ACN for taxation purposes
  • It is not aligned in any way with a sponsor company
  • It does not have a member of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce board or WSABE committee member as an employer or employee

Category winners from 2017 cannot enter the same category in 2018, but can enter a different category or categories.

Entry is not open to office bearers of Parramatta Chamber of Commerce or their affiliates, Sponsors and supporters of WSABE 2017 or their affiliates, NSW Business Chamber office bearers or its affiliates.

Any form of business is eligible to enter the WSABE 2017 providing it has a valid ABN or ACN for taxation purposes.

Applicant companies or other eligible organisations that are less than 12 months old are not eligible.

Yes. Whilst the initial questions are generic, there are category specific questions which vary. If you do not complete the category specific questions you will not be eligible for judging. Entries will only be judged in the category entered. You must submit a separate application for each category.

Entries are only accepted using our online process. Please go to Awards Categories and click Enter Now.

Entries are now closed. Late entries will not be considered under any circumstances.

For any other questions, please email info@wsabe.com.au